Gender Confusion Can Be Healed

Gender Confusion Can Be Healed

The psychologists refer to Gender Identity Disorder as a person who feels a strong and compelling identification with the opposite sex. This would refer to a woman who feels more like a man and a man who feels more like a woman. It defies logic that changing one’s appearance outwardly would somehow give that person peace inwardly, especially when they have been tormented over decades of their life.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created He them.” (Gen.1:27). (KJV) Why then would a man feel more like a woman and a woman feel more like a man? This could only result from a powerful cross gender influence within his soul that overrides his natural identity. The struggle between who he really is and who he thinks he is can become a life long battle, unless he finds a way to be free of the unwanted influence that has overtaken his soul.

The very fact that there is confusion experienced by this person means that it was not originated by God Who is “
not the author of confusion.” (1 Cor.14:33). KJV

However it is important to note that those who experience the emotional trauma of this disorder often endure long and arduous struggles sometimes over decades wondering why they are torn asunder in the deepest recesses of their souls. They are to be loved with an endless hope that “all things are possible with God.” (Matt. 19:26).

When a powerful uninvited influence hijacks the soul of a man and permeates his thoughts, feelings and desired actions with an effeminate nature, the human spirit is no match to resist it no matter how long and how hard the struggle. This is why we must all have a depth of genuine compassion for their affliction. The challenge of others may be in different areas, but when it besets us in the area where each of us are weakest, we begin to understand what the gender confused person might be up against.

Knowing that all things are possible with God and that He desires to set the captives free and heal the broken-hearted, there is hope for those who are held captive by gender confusion. Identifying the effeminate influence and fighting it in active warfare by invoking The Name and Authority of Jesus Christ will cleanse and restore the soul of those who were taken captive by this spirit. Their soul will be restored by Jesus Christ ending the long held strife of being divided against himself. Equally important will be to inquire of God as to when and at what point in life the tormenting influence which drives the confusion entered the one in bondage, even if it were in infancy or in his mother’s womb. That place of access will be identified and sealed once and for all bringing great joy to the hearts of those set free.

Gender Identity Disorder-Spiritual Origins:
Gender Identity Disorder (GID) results from an individual who is born with the physical characteristics of one gender while internally identifying with the opposite gender. This would be a woman who feels more like a man and a man who feels more like a woman. The cause and origin of (GID) is largely unknown in the field of Secular Psychology. Those experiencing the conflict and torment of GID describe a pervasive struggle within their soul that overrides their actual physical gender. Since they often describe the experience as something they have endured for as long as they can remember or even from the time they were born, it would suggest that the disorder might have a genetic origin. However their physical appearance is clearly of one gender or the other, so the feeling of being like the opposite gender has to be deeper than a genetic anomaly. That is why we must look deep into the soul for the problem.

The Bible says “that He which made them at the beginning made them male and female.” (Matt. 19:4). Our God made each one of us in His image and with a singular gender, not in both genders. Nor did our God create us with the intent to confuse or torment us in spirit, soul and body. So why would one feel completely overwhelmed with the feeling of being of the opposite gender than that of his physical body which was confirmed in the womb before birth? The only explanation could be that there is the presence of an unnatural influence that has access to the soul. This influence would go largely undetected by other family members who live with one afflicted. Although the one with GID would begin to manifest behaviors and characteristics that identify him with opposite gender. Even the one unnaturally influenced would not be aware of an uninvited influence within his or her soul. The reason the person begins to give in to the influence of the opposite gender nature is because it is more powerful than his own psyche. This suggests that the influence has a life of it’s own within the soul of the afflicted one. The Bible refers to it as a familiar spirit, a spirit that desires intimate connection to a human vessel.

These spirits enter uninvited by the individual and may even enter into their soul before birth. Wherever there is an opening within one’s soul whether created by them or someone else, an unclean spirit can enter and become so much a part of a person’s life that they won’t know where they end and the spiritual presence begins. A generational iniquity results from unconfessed sin in the previous generation allowing spirits to pass from one generation to the next without eradicating their presence. An infant or pre-adolescent child may be molested or violated in defilement opening the door to effeminate or masculine spirits without them ever being aware of their presence, until they are overtaken with uncontrolled thoughts and compulsive behaviors that begin to reveal the influence inside their souls. Regardless of when and how the influence entered, our God requests us to reveal the truth within our deepest parts.

(Psalm 51:6). Then we are to ask our God to search us deep within our hearts and minds so that he can reveal the origin, the type of spiritual influence and any sin that may have invited it to enter into us. After that the battle of Spiritual warfare begins to break down the stronghold and cast out the strongman and be freed completely from its wicked presence and GID.

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