Sexual Abuse

I Often Wonder If I Was Sexually Abused as a Child, But I Don’t Remember it. What Can I Do?

There are times that indications of sexual awakenings may have occurred even when you were an infant. Although your cognitive mind may not remember the events, they are etched on the hard drive of your heart. You may have experienced unexplained appetites for sexual thoughts, fantasies and even physical awakenings. Some people have dreams of shadowy figures leaning over their crib with a strong sense of defilement. It is not your fault that you were abused, but God calls us to seek the truth within our hearts (Psalm 51:6). As we pour out the truth, He pours in with His healing and wisdom of profound understanding. In so doing The Lord will often show you a responding bitterness for the violation against you. That is what poses the greatest problem to your healing in Christ.

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