The Prodigal Spouse

I Have a Prodigal Spouse! What Can I Do to Bring Him/Her Back?

The wedges that drive a married couple apart are often brought with them from uncleansed childhood wounds and infections. The marriage becomes the playing field of unhealed pain in the hearts of two people who often have a genuine love for one another. The repetitive conflict between you and your spouse can lead to desperate actions such as leaving the union to find peace. This amounts to the prodigal spouse taking their infection to the next relationship, and the next and so on. As the one who has been abandon, the best hope for change in them is to begin by letting God change you.

This takes your agenda off the table and places full trust in God to do what He needs to do to bring forth repentance. Any interference from you, even within your mind interferes with the move of God to bring your spouse back to you. “I will not give My glory to anyone else.” (Isaiah 42:8).

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