Let’s Talk About YOU. “I feel overwhelmed. No matter how I try to change the dynamic in this relationship we just keep getting pulled back into the usual words and destructive habits that have driven us for years. How can I break the cycle and break free?” Does this sound like you? Be honest:

  • Do you feel like life is a big struggle because you’re getting dragged into negative interactions and relationships all the time with the people you’re closest to?
  • Do you worry that things will never change? That this is how it’s always going to be?
  • Do you fear that you’ve lost control of who you are? Do you wish you could tap into your true essence again?
  • Are your unhealthy relationships stopping you attending to the things that matter most — health, faith, family and community?

Let’s look at your feelings a little deeper now…

What Is Hope?

The Restoring Relationships Ministry definition: Ask any child what their definition of hope is and they’ll tell you it’s a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen – sweets, toys, trips out, hugs from mummy, a story from daddy. But to adults, hope is more subtle and fundamentally goes much much deeper – and that is trust. When that trust has gone in a relationship this is when the Restoring Relationships Ministry gets to work on building that trust again inside your aching heart.

What Is Brokenhearted?

The Restoring Relationships Ministry definition: In my many years of experience in counseling, the tipping point for people finally reaching out to us at the Restoring Relationships Ministry is when they have felt overwhelmed by grief or disappointment. Sure, it’s normal to feel moderate disappointment over small things on a daily basis but when it becomes chronic and those feelings of grief have become overwhelming, this is when we step in with caring and sensitive counseling and active therapies.

What Is Captive?

The Restoring Relationships Ministry definition: Being captive or feeling a sense of captivity in a relationship is one of the most common scenarios we see at the Restoring Relationships Ministry. This can include a feeling of imprisonment, confinement or being unnaturally controlled by either another person or by oneself. At Restoring Relationships Ministry we help hundreds of people move out of this emotional captivity and take back control of their emotions rather than allowing emotions to drive them. If you’re feeling any or all of the above, we’d like to invite you to explore some of the different methods and techniques that we offer at the Restoring Relationships Ministry to get you back on the path of living a victorious and glorious life once again.

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The Cost Of True Freedom

The Cost Of True Freedom

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