To the woman who is searching for hope and answers:

I know you are hurting and confused. You never imagined that life and love would turn out this way. You were convinced he would be your “Happily Ever After” and instead you ended up here. I don’t know your story yet, or the details of what led you on a quest for help and change— but I do know your pain. See, the truth is:

If your whole world is hurting you and your spouse provides you comfort, you will be comforted. If your spouse is hurting you, the comfort of the whole world will never be enough.

Here’s what I want you to know– it may be bad in your marriage today. Perhaps devastatingly bad.

But after working in the field of psychology for over 30 years, I’ve learned that the pain we experience in our relationships today is amplified and compounded by the wounds we received early in our lives. That’s not to discount the real offenses that occur in marriage. They can be astounding. What I’m saying is that we can’t fix those problems by just beginning where they started. If I led you to begin your personal healing journey only since the problems began in your marriage, I would be violating God’s Word and doing you a grave disservice.

That’s why I developed the Restoring Relationships Online Journey and designed it so you can heal sequentially. I’m going to help you start from the very beginning — because your WHOLE story matters. You deserve validation for every step you’ve taken along the way.

I have a series of 12 videos and a companion journal, all hosted online, so that together we can begin addressing the root issues that ultimately led you, and your spouse, to where you are today.

It’s OK if he’s not on board yet. (If he is—great—this curriculum is something you can go through together and it will be a holy experience.) But if you’re the only one fighting for your marriage right now—I have such hope to offer you. Hundreds and hundreds of wives have begun this journey alone, and the change that God worked in them was so beautiful and profound, it drew their husbands’ hearts back to them AND motivated them to begin their own journey as well.

We have some serious work to do, so let’s begin together. Register below today, and I’ll email over your access to the Restoring Relationships Online Journey.

I’ll meet you there, soon. This is going to be a powerful and breathtaking journey.

Your Online Journey
AvatarReverend John Hagee

“…the simplest, most direct, and most result-proven curriculum I have ever seen. The change in hearts and lives is immediately evident.”


What People Are Saying...

AvatarAmanda Crabb

“This ministry is near and dear to our heart. Dominic and his son Joseph are two of the most effective and anointed men in this field. True wisdom and healing flow thru them.”

AvatarAnmya Alb

“These principles can help even in other areas of life. There may be pain in your past you never consider. It really force you to soul search and it is healthy. Keeping it inside just keep hindering you or even poisoning you. And it can poison your children and those loved ones around you. It is a must to address any pain and hurt that is not surrendered to the Lord! It was a blessing!”

AvatarJudy Carlson Reed

“Restoring Relationships is an awesome course you will probably want to take more than once! Many in our class have taken it 5 or 6 times. It’s that good! And there always seems to be more of the onion to peel, so to speak, and new things to learn, as we seek freedom from the effects of unhealed childhood wounding. This is probably one of the best classes I’ve ever taken.”

AvatarMerrie Beth Doty Day

“I did RR in 2012 and was blown away by the healing that came from the class! I went to the class thinking I wanted help with my marriage relationship. My husband didn’t go but I was open to just bettering myself. When they started talking about digging into our first 18 years of life, I was like “But my issues are NOW!” Well, yes, that’s true!

But going back helps you to uncover the wounds that infect today’s relationships! It did help “now”! The healing from that class gave me freedom to pursue a ministry in the very area that needed to be released to God and healed! In February 2016 I took RR again with my husband at a RR marriage encounter. We went through the same process I did before (called season 1) and then they added a “season 2″ which dealt with current (and past) marital issues.

It was amazing! For the first time, we confronted each other out loud with our offenses but also spoke words of apology and accountability. Very powerful stuff. My husband admitted on the way home that he was previously dreading the retreat (I hadn’t told him much about it). He thought it was going to be another one of those popular christian weekends I dragged him to once before in 2011. But he said it was awesome. It was transformative for him too! This class will transform you. It’s tough work and you probably will not get through it without some tears! I was exhausted for three days afterwards!

You will see Christian men and women baring their souls and you will bare yours. And it will be transformative. And a refreshing change from most christian get togethers where people are afraid to be real. Brene Brown (famous shame and vulnerability researcher) says we either own our stories or we stand outside of them and hustle for our worthiness.

This class will help you to own your story and stop hustling! You will want to write down every word Dominic and Joseph say! They are so easy to listen to! They are anointed, gifted teachers! I recommend one or both of these classes (seasons) to every human being!”

Here's What You'll Get When You Take The Online Journey With Christian Psychologist Dominic Herbst:

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12 Video Modules

Videos that are strategically designed to lead you to the victory, restoration, and healing you’ve dreamed about.

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Companion Journal

An online companion journal with powerful reading and writing assignments that have helped thousands like you.

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Valuable Takeaway #1

Proven biblical and clinical methods for addressing the deepest and oldest issues that are holding you back in life.

Icon | Roadmap

Valuable Takeaway #2

A road-map to freedom of heart and soul that will lead you step by step toward victory, restoration, and healing.

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Valuable Takeaway #3

A tested discipleship resource that you can use and recommend when helping others.

Icon | Toolbox

Valuable Takeaway #4

A toolbox of strategies that can be used to tackle ANY issues in your life or the lives of people around you.

Those Who Complete The Restoring Relationships Journey With Vulnerability, Humility, And Surrender To God Develop The Strength And Wisdom To Set Healthy Boundaries In Their Relationships And Find Peace In Any Circumstances.

One-Time Payment: Only $140

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The Restoring Relationships journey should not be construed as a substitute for psychological counseling or therapy, especially for acute mental health disorders such as major depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, etc. That being said, there are many testimonies of those who have completed the Restoring Relationships journey who have found significant relief of symptoms from the above named disorders as well as others listed in the DSM V of Mental Disorders.

*This material is Copyright 2012. It is ILLEGAL to share your login information or access to these resources with anyone other than your spouse. Should you wish to arrange for a small group or church to use these resources as a group, please Contact Us. We would love to accommodate your specific needs and requests!