How Restoring Relationships Can Help You

From the most tender young age we all experience hurt, betrayal, or offense through relationship with someone we loved or someone we expected more from. Our response to these offenses at the time they occur will determine whether or not these wounds heal or become infected.

Infected wounds create growing toxicity in the soul that spills out onto those around us causing recognizable conflict within self and in interactions with others. Restoring Relationships is a ministry dedicated to helping you find freedom of heart and soul by taking you on your own personal journey through Calvary.

Isn’t it time that everything changed? You don’t have to keep waiting on God. Just take this step and you’ll find that He’s actually waiting on you!


"My Marriage Was About To End!"

A few years ago, my marriage was about to end, I didn’t trust my own family, I kept friends at arm’s length, and was all but walking away from my relationship with God. I was desperate for my heart to heal and my relationships to get better.

I was so ready to try anything that would work and I was willing to be obedient to whatever God asked of me. I just wanted answers. The results of taking the Restoring Relationships Journey have been nothing short of miraculous and life-altering.

– Lizzie Smiley, Work-at-home Mom & Business Owner

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