Have you experienced the pain of rejection and abandonment in your marriage?

The wedges that drive a married couple apart are often brought with them from uncleansed childhood wounds and infections. The marriage becomes the playing field of unhealed pain in the hearts of two people who often have a genuine love for one another. The repetitive conflict between you and your spouse can lead to desperate actions such as leaving the union to find peace.

This amounts to the prodigal spouse taking their infection to the next relationship, and the next and so on. As the one who has been abandoned, the best hope for change in them is to begin by letting God change you.

​This takes your agenda off the table and places full trust in God to do what He needs to do to bring forth repentance. Any interference from you, even within your mind interferes with the move of God to bring your spouse back to you. “I will not give My glory to anyone else.” (Isaiah 42:8).

An Invitation to Healing:

In the Book of James we are reminded to “Be doers of the Word and not hearers only, deceiving ourselves...” 
(James 1:22).

​If you are serious about real and lasting change in your life, with the best hope for healing through Christ Jesus--- then this group is for you.
Your restoration is never predicated upon the behavior of another person, including the spouse who betrayed you! The best way for God to deal with him or her is to let God transform you first. We’ll show you how.

Get me started.

I'm ready for transformation. Lord, meet me at the point of my greatest neeed...

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"I thank God for bringing your videos into my life I had no idea what a prodigal spouse was until He brought your videos to me. We spoke briefly during a video session a few weeks ago. I appreciate everything you had to offer. 

I was married for 26 years and divorced 7 months ago. Im still feeling the pain and Agony of being torn asunder from my marriage. Every time I hurt and cry God makes a way to help my broken heart heal whether it's through scriptures, or through your videos. 

I will continue to pray over my children and ask Christ to restore all that was taken from me in the 26 years of marriage.

Thank you Dominic. May you and your Ministry be blessed above and beyond anything you could ever imagine amen."





"Good morning Dominic,

My wife has turned 180 degrees from her position of filing for divorce... we've had an amazing 2 days of talking and sharing... she's not moving back until she completes her hard work through the Throne Room of Grace...

God has moved mightily in her life and in mine too! I have been a believer for almost 30 years. I know the Bible so I thought fairly well. But, after the start of my journey with your ministry the scriptures have been really speaking to my heart like never before...

I know in time we will have an amazing testimony to share... My wife said she didn't understand how I could be so positive and dedicated to restoring not only myself by refusing to give up on us... That I was adamant and committed to our covenant....

Just wanted you to know how grateful I am. I knew in my heart of hearts never give up. God bless you!"


"It's Jen from Australia here...I have some exciting news to share with you. Ever since our last conversation, I have been praying and spending more time with God. It was tough at the beginning as you know what I went through, but eventually I feel more and more at ease thanks to His love and healings.

And when I most unexpected, He brought my future husband to me... He is everything I prayed for and more. A man who is truly after God's own heart and I can feel the love of God each day through Him. We are now planning our future together and I cannot wait to build a God-centered family with him. 

I just want to say thank you once again for your words and your encouragement back in the day. It means a lot to me and helped me to be able to draw more towards Him and build my life around Him."





($150 VALUE)

Our 12 Video series that is strategically designed to lead you to the victory, restoration, and healing you’ve dreamed about.



($35 VALUE)

You will receive our companion journal (*mailed to you) with powerful reading and writing assignments that have helped thousands like you.


($1,500+ VALUE)

Live calls will provide insight into your situation as we lead you through the journey of applying the scriptural method to soul restoration.


($240 VALUE)

On week 5, you will be able to attend a final bonus Zoom Q&A session to get your questions answers and wrap up the program.

Available for the first time, join Dominic Herbst and Joseph Herbst LIVE on Zoom Video for teaching and live Q&A.

You can ask questions and receive counseling that will help you focus on Biblical truth as you navigate through healing. Working with Dominic one-on-one costs $200 per hour, so this unique, never-before-offered group opportunity will allow you to interact with Dominic and get your questions answered at a much lower cost.

* To join and participate in the live zoom video calls you must have the Zoom app downloaded on your phone or tablet, or join via computer. Dial in phone numbers will also be available, if you prefer to join with audio only. Dominic and Joseph will talk with participants in the order of raised hands, and will talk with as many participants as possible during the 90 minute scheduled time. Zoom calls will be recorded and available to all participants, so if you're not able to join live during the specific time, you will still be able to watch the full video. 


Click each week for a summary of what we'll cover.

YES! It's time... I'm ready for healing. 

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The Restoring Relationships journey should not be construed as a substitute for psychological counseling or therapy, especially for acute mental health disorders such as major depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, etc. That being said, there are many testimonies of those who have completed the Restoring Relationships journey who have found significant relief of symptoms from the above named disorders as well as others listed in the DSM V of Mental Disorders.
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