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There are a number of ways that the Restoring Relationships Ministry can serve your church community. We offer group rates for the Journey, LIVE Encounter Events, and private counseling with our qualified staff members and coaches.

Many Pastors do not feel trained or equipped for the counseling requirements that their congregations need. This is where we can come alongside and help.

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A recent LifeWay Research poll discovered that:


  • 7 in 10 pastors say they dealt with conflict at their church

  •  Pastors are more likely today than in 2015 to say their role is frequently overwhelming (63% to 54%) but less likely to say they must be “on-call” 24 hours a day (84% to 71%)

  •  Most pastors say they are on-call 24 hours a day (71%) and their role is frequently overwhelming (63%). Half of pastors (50%) say the demands of their job are often greater than they can handle. Many say they feel isolated (38%) and face unrealistic expectations from their church (23%)

  •  “Fewer pastors are concerned about their family’s financial security—41% today compared to 53% in 2015,” said McConnell. “This decrease in the number of pastors stressed over their personal finances may be due to increased generosity in their church or financial stimulus checks from the government. It is still more common for a pastor to be worried about their own finances than to report declines in giving at their church.”

  •  Pastors are also leaning on others for support and encouragement. Most say at least once a month they openly share their struggles with their spouse (82%), a close friend (68%), or another pastor (66%). Others say they are able to speak with lay leaders in the church (42%), a mentor (40%), another staff member (35%), a Bible study group in their church (23%), or a counselor (9%)


Source: https://lifewayresearch.com/2022/01/11/  

If your ministry could use support to take some of the counseling burden off your pastoral staff, Restoring Relationships may be the perfect tool for you.


This ministry has helped thousands of individuals attain victory in their marriages, families, finances, and overall soul well-being by leading them on a journey through their own Calvary.

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