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The Cost of True Freedom

The Cost of True Freedom


This Independence Day we celebrate 245 years of freedom from tyranny and oppression from a foreign nation in 1776. The birth of our new nation, the United States of America, fought for freedom to pursue its own destiny in the new world. Our founding fathers believed that this freedom was worth the struggle even unto death. It wasn’t long before our nation came under assault with many wars that followed.

But heroes from every generation were raised up to defend our freedom oftentimes paying the ultimate price with their lives. You and I live free today because of the bravery of countless men and women who fought to keep us free from tyranny over 200 years ago…and the bloodshed continues…

Over 2000 years ago, The Son of The Living God came from Heaven to free the oppressed of heart from the bondage of a spiritual enemy. The precious blood of Christ was shed once and for all on a cross at Mt Calvary for you and for me. He promised to set the captives free from oppression and torment. It cost our Savior everything…and His blood was poured out as He died for us…

In this fallen and sinful world both freedom in life and freedom in heart require the shedding of blood to sustain it.

This July 4th as you consider the freedom you enjoy that was protected by the generations of heroes who fought unto death, be sure you also experience the inner freedom from spiritual oppression. There is no need any longer to remain in bondage. Jesus came to “…set the captives free…”(Luke 4:18)

Join me as we thank and remember all of those who served throughout history to protect our freedom as a nation and in proclaiming the freedom that we have in Christ rather than remain captive to the bitter pain of our past. It’s time to let Jesus “Set the Captives Free!!!” That begins with you and me…