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What's Keeping You From Your 15 Minutes of Flame?

What's Keeping You From Your 15 Minutes of Flame?


Have you ever wanted to pour out from your heart every pain you’re experiencing right now or every pain you ever felt?! Maybe you’ve been betrayed, abused, rejected, abandoned or far worse…So what’s keeping you from your 15 minutes of flame? Are you afraid that you will feel less spiritual or of how it might appear to others if they found out? Maybe you think God will think less of you or even worse judge you for your intense release or total loss of composure…

None of those reasons should stop you from releasing the fire and rain from your heart before toxicity sets in and robs you of the joy in your soul. Did you know that God not only gives you permission to bring forth all the concealed pain inside you, but even more so He encourages you to release it all. “…(He) desires the truth in the inward parts: And in the hidden part You shall make me to know wisdom.” (Ps 51:6)

Why continue to masquerade that all is well on the outside when all is hell on the inside? God is looking for us to be real…to be truthful with ourselves and with Him, regardless of how ugly we feel. He already knows every detail of our pain, anger, resentment, rage, hate, sorrow… When we pour out both words and feelings, God pours into us with His healing and WISDOM! What are you waiting for? Let the fireworks begin! …and watch how deeply He will fill you with His love. You might want to begin with a written page from your heart that you read out loud to God when you’re alone or with someone you trust… Either way, it’s time to Bring It! Flame On!